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Last Catalogue Update: 25/05/2013 [ May ]


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Jaaportit - Avarrus

Two years passed from the first album Uumenissa and now the Finish project J??PORTIT is coming with its new recording. Five amazing compositions of splendid frosty, fragile and deep ambient evoke the voyage to the heart of bleak, chilly northern landscape. 500 copies limited edition in beautiful digisleeve.

Genre: Dark / Ambient Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Jaaportit - Voimasuo

A new album of frosty Finnish project JAAPORTIT. Seven atmospheric compositions blending together dreamy etheric ambient, cold rhythmical nordic electronics and melancholy post-rock. The album is thematically dedicated to the world under human kind transformation. Intense, strong and polymorphous album hardly to fit in conventional categories, because it is kind of a musical labyrinth, definitely worth of exploring. The album is coming out in nice six pannels digipack in limited edition of 600 pieces.

Genre: Dark / Ambient Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Je - Un Royaume De Nuit

French depressive black metal / post-rock influenced by Amesoeurs, Mortifera, Alcest.

Genre: Depressive / Black Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Jorgen Knudsen - Wealth

Debut solo CD of this Norwegian experimentalist & audio-inventor, one half of the highly acclaimed duo Information, releases on Rune Grammofon & Beatservise), based on fileds recordings & audio collages. Digipack, limited to 500 copies.

Genre: Experimental Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Judas Iscariot - Dethroned, Conquered And Forgotten

Awesome release from this highly respected US underground black metal band. Raw, abrasive and uncompromising.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Judas Iscariot - Heaven In Flames

The fifth full album from this cult USA black metal band.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Judas Iscariot - To Embrace The Corpses Bleeding

Traditional Black Metal with an aura of cacophonous terror.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Jumalhamara - Slaughter The Messenger

After a long pause Jumalh?m?r? returns, expriencing a shredding metamorphosis.. Somewhere in the misty fumes of modern Deathspell Omega and Ulver JH interperts Satan through harmony and disharmony, ranging from atmospheric deadly calming tunes to raging and furious Black Metal!

Genre: Black Metal SOLD OUT!!!

Jumbos Killcrane - Carnaval De Carne

Six tracks of angular barbarism from these Lawrence, KS cavemen with calculators. Awesome post-AM REP sludge rock, sorta like early NIRVANA on a pill bender jamming with US MAPLE. Think drunken prog rock cruising on gargantuan slabs of hammering distorto riffage and possessed wailing/crooning. This trio of grizzled Midwestern thugrockers deliver a squall of threatening runble and stutter. Cerebral and violent, subtle and thunderous,Carnaval De Carne sledgehammers the math-rock aesthetic into a twisted, towering monument of huge greasy riffs and defiant melodies. The latest evolution of pigfuck.

Genre: Sludge Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Jumbos Killcrane - The Slow Decay

The 4th album from Kansan doom-prog / dirge juggernauts JUMBO'S KILLCRANE. Leaner, darker, and far more crushing than their previous releases.

Genre: Sludge Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

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