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Last Catalogue Update: 25/05/2013 [ May ]


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Pagalguenna - Dreams

Raw, symphonic Pagan/Viking/Black Metal from Germany. Kind of like Summoning meets Limbonic Art.

Genre: Pagan / Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Pagan Hellfire - A Voice From Centuries Away

Reissue of the first Pagan Hellfire album originally released back in 2000, this new version includes 5 bonus tracks. Highly recommended!

Genre: Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Pagan Heritage - Forn Sed

Pagan Heritage is a Black Metal band formed by W.Timmer in 2005 in Groningen, The Netherlands, and is a band going back to the roots of the second wave of Black Metal. Inspired by such bands as Graveland, old Burzum, old Darkthrone, and Beherit, Pagan Heritage has always made it clear it does not seek any compromise with the current commerce surrounding Black Metal and those mocking the art form. The philosophy behind Pagan Heritage is low and mid tempo grim Black Metal with a clear message about spreading the old Pagan ways and a fight against christian domination and influence on the European people and their decedents around the world. Pagan Heritage stands for the superiority, purity, and combativeness of the Heathen warriors worldwide. Pagan Heritage has recently relocated to Dublin, Ireland. Limited to 1000 copies.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Pagan Reign - Spark of Glory and Revival of Ancient Greatness

The 2nd album of this pagan squad from the north of Russia is more considered, conceptual and serious way of realisation of personal perception of ancestral memory then previous work. The arranges are complex with lots of secondary disseminations. This work suits for pagan metal, because only vocal of black remained. Pagan Reign are not dark paganists, but more Sun-worshippers, as their ancestors were. The melodies have lots of intros and unexpected inflammatory passages from intense to calm rhythms. Sounds of little bells add some atmosphere, and there are some other atmosphere Russian sounds I'm unable to name. Vocalist Orey toils in some variations - screaming, low growls and clean peculiar to pagan metal voice. There's also some of female vocal. All above-mentioned merits allow me to mark the "Otbleski Slavy I Vozrozhdenie Bylogo Velichia" with top mark.

Genre: Folk Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Pagan Spirit - The Latent Doctrine

great new suprise from Slovakia dark scene. Atmospheric spirit pagan black metal with keyboards. Nice 16 pages booklet

Genre: Black Metal Price: 39,00 NIS / 9,00 EUR / 12,00 USD

Paganfire - Tasteless Revenge

Legendary Filipino DeathThrash guerrillas finally smeared across compact disc. Contains out-of-print EP, demo, and unreleased anthems to Metal, arson, and massive amounts of fucking violence!! Dirty, raw, pure, ugly, un-tuned fucking Thrash!!!

Genre: Thrash Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Paganizer - Basic Instructions For Dying

This C.D. comoiles a mix of rare and/or unreleased PAGANIZER material through the years! Ranging from newly recorded Death Metal bombs like "Army of maggots" to Dan Swan? produced material like "Nothing really matters" or a an almost forgotten piece from their first recording at Soundlab Studios for the "Murder Death Kill" album. Some songs are in exclusive alternative mixes and some as mentioned have never been released before! Theres also some re-recordings of theuir favorite tracks from the "Promoting Total Death" album, and arranged them together into one song with a massive production! Any fan of Paganizer, or basic death metal at all, will surely be happy to dive into these tracks of utterly filthy disgust-only death metal is real! 10 tracks total.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Paganizer - No Divine Rapture

5th album of this killer swedish band!! Faster and more brutal than ever!! If you're into the best old school swedish Detah Metal in the vein of GRAVE, VOMITORY, GOD MACABRE, ABRAMELIN, CARNAGE... this is a must!!

Genre: Death Metal Price: 39,00 NIS / 9,00 EUR / 12,00 USD

Paganus - S/T

Paganus full-length features 4 tracks of vicious extreme Doom metal clocking in at almost 50 minutes! A raw Extreme heaviness filled with crushing riffs, "doomy soundscapes", wicked vocals and lots of negative emotions…For fans of Burning Witch, Khanate, High on Fire, Neurosis...

Genre: Doom / Extreme Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Painful Defloration - Musica Non Grata

Estetic Groovy Bulldozer Crust Grindcore.

Genre: Grindcore Price: 39,00 NIS / 9,00 EUR / 12,00 USD

Painful Memories - Memorial To Suffering

This is the re-release of a legendary album of a band from St.Petersburg - Painful Memories, timed to tenth anniversary since the moment of its creation. "Memorial To Suffering" is a live document that witnessed one of the greatest appearances on the Russian metal scene in the middle of 1990's, at that time it was released on audio-cassettes with a limited circulation and was circulated by musicians themselves. Nowadays each doom-metal lover has an opportunity to fill his collection with this unique release in form of compact-disk with remastered material, specially created design, which includes archive photos. You can also find exclusive video material on the CD - a live record of the band that was never released before.

Genre: Doom / Death Metal SOLD OUT!!!

Palace Of Worms - The Forgotten

The Forgotten is a step into hateful black metal orthodoxy. In this second release Palace of Worms only member Balan shits on the post rock influence that drenched his first release “the Decaying Despot” presenting a more straightforward thrashed manifesto of self hatred which in moments regresses into the more rocking territory normally occupied by European bands like Watain

Genre: Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Panacea - Common Life Pathology

36 minutes of Ultra brutal raw social Cyber Grind in the vein of CVI, SMES, GBN... Weird massive sound, mashinegun drums and nuclear blastbeats will destroy your brain!

Genre: Grindcore Price: 39,00 NIS / 9,00 EUR / 12,00 USD

Pantheist - Amartia

אלבום שני ללהקת הפיונרל הבלגית\בריטית, רק שהפעם את ה-line up שלה מחזקים גם שני חברי Esoteric (Mark & Andy ) שבהחלט תורמים רבות לאלבום...כמו באלבום הבכורה- O Solitude , מדובר בפיונרל דום מלא ברגש ועצבות... רק שהאלבום החדש יותר מגוון,מקטעי שירה נקייה(סטייל Tristitia ) ועד "להשפעות קלאסיות" שהרבה יותר דומיננטיות מבעבר(סטייל Elend)... Funeral להמונים...

Genre: Doom / Funeral SOLD OUT!!!

Pantheist - Journey Through Lands Unknown

Third full-length from this great band and 62 minutes of experimental kind of Funeral Doom.

Genre: Doom / Funeral SOLD OUT!!!

Pantheist - O Solitude

O Solitude שייך ללא ספק "לקבוצת אלבומי הבכורה המרשימים" שידעה סצנת ה-Doom של השנים האחרונות.האלבום יוצא שנתיים לאחר הדמו המצוין- '1000 years'ועונה על כל הציפיות שהוא השאיר...המוזיקה של Pantheist היא מעיין Funeral Doom מאוד עצוב "בומבסטי" ומרשים, שנע בין קטעים איטיים, כבדים וסוחפים לקטעי מוזיקה יותר שקטים "ועדינים" תוך שילוב שירה נקיה ["שירה כמרית" משהו] ולחישות. TRULY MASTERPIECE!

Genre: Doom / Funeral SOLD OUT!!!

Pantheist - Pantheist

The fourth album of the englandplaced Doom-veterans! Sophisticated Doom Metal with much progressive elements - very intensive, emotional and grey! A masterpiece!

Genre: Doom Metal SOLD OUT!!!

Papercut Homicide - From Filth Comes Grace

Featuring members of the widely acclaimed (and now defunct) Red Sky, and current members of Nemo, Papercut Homicide create a devastating attack on the senses, with influences drawn from the entire spectrum of extreme music. Imagine a lethal concoction of Cephalic Carnage, Dillinger Escape Plan, Pig Destroyer and Acid Bath and you can soon see that this is one record that will floor anyone within a ten mile radius.

Genre: Death Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Paragon Impure - To Gaius!

Magnificent black ancestral metal with a grim and purely dedicated sound!

Genre: Black Metal Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Paria - Vermin Race

Finally out now the debut album of Germany cult sick black metal act Paria.Await uncompromising perverse black metal. Comes on noble digipack format with silverprint and 12 sided booklet.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Parlamentarisk Sodomi - Har Du Sagt "A" Far Du Si "Nal"

Parlamentarisk Sodomi is on the loose and this vicious grindcore vigilante is poised to bring about the collapse of Norway’s political landscape through a rampage of rear entry and sexual subjugation of its figureheads, whilst simultaneously destroying all preconceptions of one man bands by ejaculating the most radical crusty punked up grind heard in the last decade! This is masterful old school grindcore full of swarming buzzsaw riffing, incredibly powerful and tight as fuck drumming, razor-sharp rhythm shifts, neanderthal bellowing growls, venomous shrieking and more circle pit inducing crossover skank sections than a young Mitch Harris could ever dream of!! Parlamentarisk Sodomi is the perfect amalgamation of Repulsion, Napalm Death, Righteous Pigs, Captain Cleanoff, Disrupt, Assuck, His Hero Is Gone and Terrorizer, sounding like a genuine lost gem from the late 80’s but with the freshness and individuality to stand above the rest of the new wave of old school grinders! Har Du Sagt "A" F?r Du Si "Nal" features 15 rabid politically charged attacks of the most cruel and sarcastic kind, taken from the 2006 and 2007 demos having been re-mixed and 3 of which are brand new songs to give you the most blissfully excruciating reaming of your life!!

Genre: Grindcore Price: 39,00 NIS / 9,00 EUR / 12,00 USD

Paroxysm - Revelation Is Denied

Extreme Canadian Death Metal... For fans of Dying Fetus and Suffocation!

Genre: Death Metal Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Passage - Passage

Passage speaks to the souls of those in search for somber places to hide.Passage guides you through a journey of amotion and dark ambiences, combining the strnght of despair and the apathy of disillusion in great ,powerful and honest compositions. 8 songs to experience the mysterious word of Doom. Dare to cross..

Genre: Doom Metal Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Pathetic - Salvation

13 tracks by this brand new belgian industrial - folk - power electronics band. Salvation deals with subjects as life, death and all the states between and the music sounds like it has been made in either heaven or hell. Limited to 530 copies.

Genre: Noise Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Pathogen - Blasphemous Communion

Gut-fucking, ruthless, and Blasphemous Death Metal domination! Complete fucking old-school offensive, like being ritually murdered by Repulsion & Autopsy!! Completely re-mastered with bonus track.

Genre: Death Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Patria - Liturgia Haeresis

violent old school Black Metal with a AMORPHIS cover song. Brilliant third album - comes in an impressive digipack.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Paul Chain - Park Of Reason

"Park of Reason" is the new album from the Italian Godfather of Dark Sound. 90 minutes of his most feral opera since "Alkahest"! With an innovative double mono-recorded track.

Genre: Doom Metal Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Peace Or Annihilation - Horrific Disturbing Visions Of War

Total raging D-beat crust assault from Jakarta, Indonesia. Fans of raw D-beat will be delighted at this recording, fist in the air rampaging kang. With obvious influences from Discharge, Anti Cimex, Shitlickers, Disclose, Disaster and even a bit from Crucifix!!

Genre: Crust Price: 39,00 NIS / 9,00 EUR / 12,00 USD

Pedigree - Growing Apart

"Excessively labyrinthine and traditionally non-traditional art-noisy experimentations on a sonic field of broken glass accompanied by gut-wrenching riffs and diabolical vocal renderings are the gist of the new output "Growing Apart" by the unsung gods of electronic noisecore Pedigree..."

Genre: Experimental Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Penance - The Road Revisited

Direct from the 1st master comes the original version of The Road Less Travelled. The band actually recorded that Lp twice, the latter version was released on Lee Dorrian´s Rise Above Records. This is the 1st "shelved" version never heard before until now. With each release PENANCE strengthens its reputation as one of America´s standout indie doom bands. The origins trace back to a band called DREAM DEATH , whose sole album displayed some doom tendencies but with a more hardcore-ish slant, particularly in the vocal department. Three members from that line-up decided to shift direction, and thus Penance was born.

Genre: Doom Metal SOLD OUT!!!

Pencil Lead Syringe - Suffocated And Embalmed

Ultra Chaotic Brutal Death from California, U.S.A. Very unique and Brutal Style with some Devourment, Carnivore Diprosopus and their likes.. 100 % Recommended…

Genre: Death Metal Price: 39,00 NIS / 9,00 EUR / 12,00 USD

Penduium - Les Fragments Du Chaos

Here is The debut album out Of The shadows just for sensitize your negative existence. PENDULUM with " Les Fragments du Chaos " Offer a great raw and melodic Black Metal with Tortured and depressive voice. 2 years Of hard work on this opus for your end Of life or depression if you are Too low with all Ingredients To become crazy ! On jewel CD 8 tracks Of 40 mInutes with booklet 8 pages Included lyrics.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Penitent - A Shapeless Beauty

Grand, orchestral dark industrial in the vein of early Cold Meat Industry releases. Stark and majestic soundscapes collide with ethereal washes and martial rhythms Digipack cd

Genre: Industrial Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Penitent - Deserted Dreams

"Deserted Dreams" is just the first result of Karsten's journey back to his roots, delivering us probably his best release ever... Grand Martial Dark Industrial Art!

Genre: Industrial SOLD OUT!!!

Perisynti - Hiilenmusta Lammas

Pure Nordic Black Metal from Finland. Awesome debut album!

Genre: Black Metal SOLD OUT!!!

Permixtio - Il Canto Dei Sepolcri

Permixtio is reflective black metal performed with great passion. HavIng a grim & bleak approach on BM and a transcendent feelIng In Their music, this band from NorThern Italy plays very well-structured songs filled with feelIngs Of melancholia, anguish and spiritual catharsis. The result is a desolate, grim, Introspective & majestic BM with a sorrowful and almost ceremonious/religious aura. The 1st full length album after many great demo tapes! CD came out In normal jewel case.

Genre: Depressive / Black Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Persecutor - Bestial Overkill

2nd full length album - thrashing like hell old school Death Metal for maniacs of Aura Noir, Possessed, Nocturnal Breed, Merciless.

Genre: Thrash Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Persefone - Shin-Ken

Shin-Ken, the third album of Andorra's extreme symphonic death metal band, Persefone, is based upon ancient Japanese war-stories, and it’s a tour de force down the melodic and symphonic death metal style that defines the band.

Genre: Death Metal Price: 39,00 NIS / 9,00 EUR / 12,00 USD

Perth Express - Harrow And Wealdstone

New release from the Germanic raging hardcore metallers, like His Hero Is Gone meets Mastodon!

Genre: Hardcore Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Perverse Monastyr - Perverse Monastyr

Religion-crushing Black Metal attack from Bulgaria. Re-recorded EP material plus two exclusive tracks.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Perversity - Ablaze

The 4th album by PERVERSITY, entitled Ablaze, presents elaborate, blasphemous brutal death metal.

Genre: Death Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Perversor - Cult Of Destruction

Debut album of Chilean black deathrash. Think early Sarcofago…

Genre: Thrash Metal SOLD OUT!!!

Pessimist - Blood For The Gods

The masterful follow up to their debut CD!! 9 tracks that are more barabaric, savage and diabolic than the band has ever done before yet still maintain their original sound and technicality!! All around full color packaging and superb production round out this release of evil and sadistic blackened death metal!! An Absolute MUST!

Genre: Death Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Pessimist - Cult Of The Initiated

The legendary debut CD of crushing metal and heresy!! Black/death like no other from this machine of destruction!! If you're into Deicide, Morbid Angel or Incantation you MUST get your hands on this one!! If you're sick of clones and copycats, this will please the fan of evil death metal that appreciates originality!!!

Genre: Death Metal Price: 39,00 NIS / 9,00 EUR / 12,00 USD

Pessimist - Evolution Unto Evil

Blackened Death Metal from these masters, a must have CD. 12 rare and previously unreleased tracks, early demo and live studio tracks, including cover versions of songs from POSSESSED, KREATOR, MEGADETH and DEATH. This CD (which clocks in at over 52 minutes in length) also features enhanced CD-ROM features with videos, live photos, etc. and was mastered at D.O.W. Studios in Florida by Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez (MORBID ANGEL, TERRORIZER, DIABOLIC, UNHOLY GHOST). After six years of silence, PESSIMIST has finally returned!!!

Genre: Death Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Pest - Hail The Black Metal Wolves Of Belial

Evil and cult Black Metal Wolves (and members of Satanic Warmaster).

Genre: Black Metal SOLD OUT!!!

Pestiferous - Deep Dark Seasons

Cold & Suicidal black metal from Finland.

Genre: Black Metal SOLD OUT!!!

Pestiferous - Gateway

Second album by the Finnish horde of suicidal darkthronish black metal. Frozen and pestilent sonorities spreading out the virus! Misanthropic and disgusting pure hate!!!

Genre: Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Pestilence - Mallevs Maleficarvm

A nice re-issue to Pestilence First album. Including the band demos as bonus tracks!

Genre: Death Metal SOLD OUT!!!

Pestilential Shadows - Cursed

Killer second album from this Australian Black Metal beast. Very recommended.

Genre: Black Metal SOLD OUT!!!

Pestilential Shadows - Depths

This musical pestilence falleth upon the ears as death’s chill hands upon the heart. It’s sinister spell of evil black metal will lure the soul downwards into the haunting dark abyss of pitch black! The wraiths shall tell of graveyard dirt & curses to drag you to the very.. DEPTHS. Jewel case edition with 16 page booklet limited to 500 copies.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Pestis - Yersinia Pestis

The long awaited full length album from this Dutch Black Metal band.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Pestkreuz - Perdition Discipline

The first fruits of Gnosis! The debut EP from Canada’s PESTKREUZ. Harrowing filth and diabolic decay, Spread the poison of cosmic illusions. EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW. EVERY TONGUE SHALL CONFESS!

Genre: Black Metal Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Pestnebel - Reich Der Schatten

Cold misanthropic German black metal with a touch of funeral melancholy.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Phantasmagory - Anamorphosis Of Dreams'

Progressive atmospheric techno death metal

Genre: Death Metal Price: 39,00 NIS / 9,00 EUR / 12,00 USD

Piara Posesa - Hagase La Oscuridad

LOUD, RAW, DESTRUCTIVE BLACKDEATHPUNK WAR!! Evil Metal Crust from the alcoholic D-beat psychopaths from Peru.

Genre: Crust Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Picatrix - Quaestio Prima

Quaestio Prima” is a professional composed and recorded “soundscape”, a storytelling masterpiece ranging from dark ambient interrogative pulsings to acoustic and traditional grand openings. Intense surroundings will draws the listener to realities banned by time or forgotten by men, yet real and invasive. Hard to be further labeled, this first album from Picatrix offers a complex yet straight musical texture with a particular attention to sounds, production and composition.

Genre: Dark / Ambient Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Piledriver - Heavy Electricity

Piledrivers fourth and finally their best album so far. This album contains 11 refreshing full-on energetic dancable songs!

Genre: Industrial Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Pistons - We're Pistons

Rocking Italian Necro Punk with Noia Member. Great release!

Genre: Punk Price: 39,00 NIS / 9,00 EUR / 12,00 USD

Planet Aids - Apokalyptik Aids

מה שהחל "כהתאגדות חד פעמית" (של "סופרגרופ הולנדי" הזוי במיוחד...) להופעה בפסטיבל האקסטרים Ashes to Ashes fest הפך תוך זמן קצר "להרכב רישמי" שכבר הספיק "להסתובב" עם Halo [הרכב ה-Industrial/Doom/sludge/Drone...האוסטרלי המצוין] ולהפיץ את המגפה בלא מעט מבמות אירופה...[יחד עם לא מעט פרובוקציות בדרך] Apokalyptik Aids הוא אלבום של קטע יחיד בין 30 דקות של מסע התאבדותי מחריד,אלים,נוטף שנאה ותעוב אשר משלב drone, industrial, doom, black noise, tekkno כשעל כל אלו אחראים שתי גיטרות, מגדל של סמפלרים ושני סולנים [סולני Bunkur...] שמצליחים להגדיר מחדש את מהות הנגטיביות...או כמו שהיטיב להגדיר זאת אחד מחברי הלהקה : THIS is the ultimate soundtrack for the snuffmovie made with your grandmother and your babysister.. limited to 500 copies))

Genre: Doom Metal SOLD OUT!!!

Pleasure And Pain - Exit Gate

אלבום הבכורה המרשים של PLEASURE & PAIN ,להקת ה -Dark Electro/Darkwave (digipack cd)

Genre: Dark / Electro SOLD OUT!!!

Poccolus - Poccolus

Tenth-anniversary re-issue of this lost, obscure gem from the Baltic. Probably the best Black Metal band to emerge from Lithuania, POCCOLUS offer us here sub-arctic BURZUMic Black Metal interlaced with sorrowful, Volkisch darkness. The original was released on a long-vanished South Korean label, hence it enjoyed a very limited run and poor distribution. This new, fully-remastered edition will come with new artwork, faithful to yet improving on the original, with a 16-page leather-textured booklet, containing lyrics in both Lithuanian and English translation.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Poema Arcanus - Iconoclas

מדובר באלבום השני של ההרכב הכי גדול של המטאל הצ'יליאני! אז אחרי אלבום בכורה בלייבל מקומי [[Picoroco, מוציאה הלהקה את אלבומה השני שמהווה קפיצת מדרגה רצינית ביותר. Iconoclas הוא אלבום דום מלודי שמשלב Doom/Death דוגמאת My Dying Bride עם Gothic Metal שמאוד מזכיר את Wolfheart של Moonspell [במיוחד בשירה, שדומה מאד לשירתו של Fernando סולן [Moonspell כשכל זה מתעטף בהפקה מאד מושקעת שמאירה את Poema Arcanus באור מרשים ביותר! בקיצור,כל מי שבעינין של גותיק מטאל [ [!!!Moonspellאו דום שלאו דווקא איטי ומזדחל... [ My Dying Bride ,האחרונים של Novembers Doom, האחרון של Morgion …] חייב "לבדוק"... Limited Edition version))

Genre: Gothic Metal SOLD OUT!!!

Poema Arcanus - Timeline Symmetry

One of the more progressive-minded bands in the scene, Poema Arcanus infuse their doom/death metal with a variety of influences and continue to stay a step ahead of the pack. With influences from Voivod and Opeth, 'Timeline Symmetry,' the band's fourth album, comes across a bit more melodic and epic than their previous album. Great stuff!

Genre: Doom Metal SOLD OUT!!!

Pogrom 1147 - Black Metal Complete

Satanic and dirty Polish Black Metal of the highest possible caliber. limited to 1000 hand numbered units.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Pogrom 1147 - Black Metal Complete

Debut album of Pogrom 1147 is satanic raw black metal! This 32 minutes fucker will give you pure, total and raw sounds with Scandinavian climate!!! Definitely for fans of old GORGOROTH, DARKTHRONE. It's packed in black, folded, thick cardboard cover. All overprint are made with silver paint, on A4 format. All CD's are hand numbered.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Polymorph - Innocent Suffering

12 Tracks for 46 minutes of old school brutal Death Metal ala early Dismember meets Morbid Angel

Genre: Death Metal Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Pombagira - Baron Citadel

Crushing new album from London's Pombagira. Like their previous work, another lengthy dose of monolithic DOOM.

Genre: Doom Metal Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Pombagira - The Crooked Path [2CD]

'Pombagira', Massive sludge/ doom from London. This is their debut album which contains 2 discs (in case you didn't get enough). Crushing fuzzed out riffs, psychedelic interludes & powerful vocals; Play this one loud.

Genre: Alternative Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Poochlatz - Thanks for Giving In

Combining elements of primitive power electronics and their explorations into contemporary drone-metal territories, "Thanks for Giving in" is the new live album from Israel's Poochlatz, Recorded in July 2006, when opening to the Grave Temple Trio of Stephen O'mally, Oren Ambarchi and Mayhem's Attila. On this live assault, Poochlatz are bleak, sinister and iconoclastic than ever, mending and molding moral conventions, slaughtering holy cows and questioning the truth only to make it more vague and unreachable than it already is. Best described as power-electronics sludge this is highly Recommended if you like Sunn 0))), Burmese, Haus Arafna, Harvey Milk, Institut, Rusted Shut, Ocean (U.S.A), Khanate, Urtam etc. CDR, limited edition of 150 numbered copies

Genre: Industrial / Noise Price: 29,00 NIS / 8,00 EUR / 9,00 USD

Poochlatz - Victims Of Self Preservation

Harsh power electronics and irritating industrial noise from this Israeli hazard duo of Maor Applebaum (Sleepless/Thy Mesmerized/Screening) and Rani Zager (Lietterschpich). For fans of Maurizio Bianchi, Whitehouse, Prurient, John Wiese, Control, Merzbow, Lasse Marhaug, Jason Crumer etc. limited edition of 999 copies

Genre: Industrial / Noise Price: 39,00 NIS / 9,00 EUR / 12,00 USD

Posession - Spiritual Sirius

The fourth album from this Spanish Death Metal band.

Genre: Death Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Positiva - Centaurs Ride

8 songs of explosive energy Hard Rock 70s with influences from bands like: Kyuss, Grand funk, Budgie, Captain beyond, Mc5, Soundgarden, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Screaming Trees, Ted Nugent, etc. ... Recorded and Produced by Karlos Osinaga (Berri Txarrak, Sorkun, Kuraia, Lisab?)

Genre: Hard Rock Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Possession Rituals - Incense Of Opened Gates

Ritual Necromancy Based Black Metal in desecrating form to all that is living.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Posthumous Blasphemer - Avantground Undergrind

Fast and brutal blasphemous Death/Grind!!! Contains 10 tracks of fast brutal blasphemous Death/Grind alternated with slower parts. It's all filled with deep growls and screams, brutal guitar riffs, ultra blasting drums and also some cool solo's and mystic intro's/outro's! this is the first band album, but, possible, the best for this moment. A MUST!!!!

Genre: Grindcore Price: 39,00 NIS / 9,00 EUR / 12,00 USD

PostNecrum - Estruendo De Legiones


Genre: Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Praeda - Eden... Hele

Terrifying debut album which features huge key styles…chants in the vein of Dead Can Dance, mixed with the harshest of northern sounding Black metal. Recommended!

Genre: Black Metal Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Praesepe - Vesperae

The second full album from this Progressive Dark Metal Polish Band.

Genre: Dark Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Prellude - A Estrada Do Rock + Rise From The Dead

First full length album by this brazilian Hard / Heavy Metal band, hand printing metal cover and sung in Portuguese. There are no progressive tendencies or any extreme technicality here. Aiming to rescue the good crop of bands that emerged in the 80s and revere the Old School movement, based on bands of extras Brazil: Harppia, Azul Lim?o, Stress, Sal?rio Minimo, Taurus and others. Includes long time out of print EP Rise from the Dead as bonus. ADP format, thick booket, extra chinese lyric insert and OBI.

Genre: Heavy Metal Price: 39,00 NIS / 9,00 EUR / 12,00 USD

Prellude - Maquina Do Tempo + The Great Wall

Prellude brandishing the flag Heavy Metal 80s and today, as a result of years of experiments in the recipe "Old School". Fans of the NWOBHM bands like early Iron Maiden, Saxon & Dio and the typical yet traditional South American style thrown in the mix should definitely check this one out!! ADP format, thick booket, extra chinese lyric insert and OBI.

Genre: Heavy Metal Price: 39,00 NIS / 9,00 EUR / 12,00 USD

Preludium - Eternal Wrath

Polish old school brutal death metal. Powerful druming with fast blasts and double bass. Aggressive riffs mixing tremolo and power chord. Great release.

Genre: Death Metal Price: 39,00 NIS / 9,00 EUR / 12,00 USD

President Camacho - Libido Of The Living Dead

Mixing up elements of grindcore, sludgy doom, punk/crustcore amongst other, Montreal's President Camacho features members of several bands as Fistfuck, Cortisol, Nourriture and some other projects. They just did a mini tour with non other than Brutal Truth! For fans of :Brutal Truth, Unearthly Trance...

Genre: Sludge Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Primeval Mass - As Solemn Maelstrom...

After three demos here comes the album of this great band from Greece. Expect 40 minutes of extreme Mystical Black Metal.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Primigenium - Faith Through Anguish

After 8 years of silence, Primigenium returns with “Faith Through Anguish”. The album has been recorded by Smaug alone, produced by Javi Bastard at Moontower Studios and mastered by Tore Stejerna at Necromorbus Studios. Musically these new 6 songs (over 40 minutes) continue in the vein of the previous “Intolerance” album but more elaborated, sicker than ever and bordering insanity at moments.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Primitive Graven Image - Traversing The Awesome Night

Hailing from England, across the sea from the Norwegian heartland, Primitive Graven Image brings the true black metal feeling into 2007. With booming drums, icey guitars, hellish vocals and brooding dark atmospherics, this music is made for black metal fans, by black metal fans.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Procer Veneficus - A Summerhaze Array For August Nights [2CD-Box]

Brand new double cd boxed set from PROCER VENEFICUS. Disc 1 - entitled “Duskworlds” is psychedelic and dissonant black metal drenched in the droning haze of summertime sunsets. Music for the arc of Venus and a glass of scarlet wine during a passionate August twilight. Threaded with several pieces of murky, amnesic ambience. Disc 2 - entitled “Lunar Transit” is soft, moonlit ambience for August meadows at midnight, lulled by the sea of crickets into dreamsleep. Heavily interlaced with sub-aqueous orchestral blurs. Shimmering atmospheric hymns attuned to the ebb and flow of Selene. Both of these albums are music from the late summer of 2005. This very special two cd set is strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide and comes housed in a beautiful cardboard box with some added bonuses.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Procer Veneficus - Ghost Voices

Highly atmospheric dream-induced fog music played solely on acoustic guitar and wreathed in wet ambience and distant whispers. Composed in solitude by a mountain lake, and completed in the saltiest of back-bay fogs. Emphasis on backwater oceanic lull, as well as sub-aqueous emanations. Very wet, eerie recording. Contains an acoustic cover version of VELVET CACOONS - P.S. Nautical!

Genre: Dark / Ambient Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Procer Veneficus - Of Starfire And Blackshadows Crawling

8 Evocations in homage to the heavens of transcendental, astral reductionism, with all audio structure reduced to it's core nucleus, allowing the mind to fold within on itself, opening a gateway of spectral brilliance on which the spirit itself walks the starfringes. Such vivid, bold and dazzling manifestations equivalent to the effects the most elaborately orchestrated compositions can achieve. A vessel for those who long for the journeys of the Night and mind.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Process Of Guilt - Renounce

Highly atmospheric and emotional modern death/doom from Portugal. Process of Guilt are influenced by bands such as My Dying Bride, mid-Katatonia and Fields of the Nephilim, but are still a very unique and original band, their mid-tempo music very intense, melancholic and also somewhat modern, electronic and mechanic sounding, with heavily distorted screaming vocals and guitars, and plentiful use of samples and keyboards, and the music ranges from dreamy, sad, quiet interludes to intense, brutal outbursts of speed. Though PoG are somewhat emotional and influenced by bands such as My Dying Bride, you will certainly not find any medieval gothic imagery, violins, Shakespearan lyrics or other such clichיs here, just dark, modern soundscapes of pain.

Genre: Doom / Death Metal SOLD OUT!!!

Procession - Destroyers Of The Faith

Procession from Chile are playIng unlike melancholic form Of Doom that sits somewhere between Black Sabbath, Candlemass and let's say Reverend Bizarre. Easily one Of The strongest doom bands around These days. FuckIng ACE.

Genre: Doom Metal Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Proclamation - Advent Of The Black Omen

Spain's answer to bestial black death metal in the Blasphemy, Beherit style. This is for fans of all things harsh and unclean.

Genre: Black / Death Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Proclamation - Execration Of Cruel Bestiality

Third attack of bestial death

Genre: Death Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Profanatica - The Enemy Of Virtue

US Black Metal pioneers PROFANATICA created one of the most filthy and truly obscene Black Metal ever. This is the spirit of hatred for christ and early American Black Metal...no wimps,no norse-core,no trends... this release sees all past Profanatica material spanning the bands career from 1990 to present put to CD including unreleased material from Toten,rare tracks and includes the Broken Jew 7" etc.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Profetus - Coronation Of The Black Sun

"Heavens are dropping with black seed of Doom when Profetus´ congregation burdensomely shambles its burial march onwards. Scandinavian Funeral Doom pioneers of the early ´90s have had a big part in the process of shaping Profetus as the embodiment of their despondency. Yet their musical roots in Finnish underground Black/Death Metal scene lay a strong effect of rawness on their solemnly forged sound - finally burying everything under a suffocating blanket of northern snow. "Coronation of the Black Sun" offers 4 tracks & 50 minutes of Funeral Doom in devastation of solitude, saturnine bleakness and despair - guided with lyrical & conceptual luciferian light shed by the author Johannes Nefastos to invoke this majestic and mesmerising journey into oblivion."

Genre: Doom Metal SOLD OUT!!!

Profetus - Saturnine

A demo tape that consists of 28 minutes of Nordic Funeral Doom from the deepest depths of the Finnish woods! Recommended for fans of Skepticism, Thergothon, Unholy… (Limited to 200 handnumbered copies).

Genre: Doom / Funeral SOLD OUT!!!

Profetus - To Open The Passages In Dusk

2nd album of Finnish funeral doom band. Funeral march with extremely slow minimalistic drum, perfect blend of solemn organ sounds and layered melodies by 2 guitars, and deep low growls. Total atmosphere is something like monotone picture which represents majesty of funeral. Following the path which is opened by the Fueral Doom master Skepticism, they show us pure form of Funeral Doom. Comes in a nice digipack.

Genre: Doom / Funeral Price: 59,00 NIS / 11,00 EUR / 14,00 USD

Profezia - Black Misanthropic Elite - Moon Anthem

Misanthropic Black Metal from Italy.

Genre: Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Profundis - Nokturn

6 anthems in memorial to Night + untypical cover. Fast tempos and crushing riffs with melodic arrangements. Over 35 minutes of Black/Death Metal stormin "old" DISSECTION and DARK FUNERAL style with Slavic touch...

Genre: Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Profundis Tenebrarum - Hate Decade

This demo compilation (9 songs) recorded between 1997-2001 and brings 45 minutes of pure Black Metal influenced by old Northern bands!

Genre: Black Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Proscriptor - 726

"726" is the latest excursion from PROSCRIPTOR, on his own label, Tarot Productions. This is visionary esoteric music that remains unpredictable and magickal. Psychedelic and ethereal eccentricities merge against a fluent beat reminiscent of 70's Krautrock, Spacerock and New Age. Unlike his occult Metal commands in Absu, Proscriptor pushes the threshold of eclectic music and expression and proves it through "726." This is the first and only instrumental album by Proscriptor. Most of the music is a musical translation of magick, his system of Western occult practice, synthesized from many sources, including Eastern Yoga, Hermeticism, medieval grimoires, contemporary magickal theories from writers like Eliphas Levi and Helena Blavatsky and his own original contributions.

Genre: Experimental Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Prostitute Disfigurement - Embalmed Madness

With only 500 copies of this disc originally released in 2001 the highly sought after debut album from this Dutch outfit is finally available again. This new edition contains all new cover art and layout as well as the bands demo

Genre: Death Metal SOLD OUT!!!

Protestant - As Dead As We Look

Highly original hardcore/sludge from Milwaukee. Recommended!

Genre: Sludge Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Protestant - The Hate, The Hollow

The second full length by Milwaukee's PROTESTANT contains nine brand new tracks of massive crustish hardcore punk. Great release!

Genre: Sludge Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Pseudostratiffied Epithelium - Dolonia


Genre: Death Metal Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Psi Corps - Tekeli-Li

After three albums under the name SPACE MIRRORS, Alisa Coral launched a new musical project PSI CORPS. The debut album "Tekeli-li" was written, recorded and produced by Coral, dedicated to the memory of Edgar Allan Poe, and inspired by his novel “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket”. Michael Blackman (of ALIEN DREAM), yet another co-founder of SPACE MIRRORS, played all guitars and co-wrote several tracks. The duo has taken more experimental approach with this album, combining hard edged space-rock of the earlier works with abstract elements of cinematic music. Vocals have been completely abandoned this time as well as notable guest appearances. Coral and Blackman have amazing talent of introducing memorable synthesizer harmonies and guitar hook lines into their music. Conceived as a soundtrack, "Tekeli-li" is more focused on the scenes and characters behind a structure. As a whole, it sounds misty, obscured and rarefied, though in excitingly familiar manner. (6 tracks - 53 min.)

Genre: Experimental Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Psychobolia - Fisting You All

1st album of this french band of fast, intense and ultra-brutal Death Metal with a totally astonishing female vocalist, influenced by bands like ANGEL CORPSE, KRISIUN, HATE ETERNAL, DEICIDE, SUFFOCATION, VADER... This will set new standards in brutality!!

Genre: Death Metal Price: 39,00 NIS / 9,00 EUR / 12,00 USD

PTSD - Burepolom

Italian mixture of.rock, metal/hardcore crossover, deathcore and even nu-metal. think from Alice In Chains meets Deftones meets Katatonia.

Genre: Hard Rock Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Pulling Teeth - Martyr Immortal

Pulling Teeth's second full length released on Deathwish Inc. More crushing L4D meets Integrity style HC with more Slayer in the mix. Includes an extra song not available on the vinyl version.

Genre: Hardcore Price: 39,00 NIS / 9,00 EUR / 12,00 USD

Pulling Teeth - Vicious Skin Enhanced

Pulling Teeth's debut CD released on Chainsaw Safety Records. Crushing hardcore in the vein of Integrity meets Left For Dead. This re-issue includes bonus videos of the PT 'Blackest Curse' live set in it's entirety as well as the video for Heretic!!!

Genre: Hardcore Price: 39,00 NIS / 9,00 EUR / 12,00 USD

Putiferio - Ate Ate Ate

Another odd bunch from Italy courtesy of Robot Radio, this time with a clusterfuck sound suspended partway between latterday Racebannon and first-album Blood Brothers, the whole thing yapping and squawking over disjointed riffs that pull in all manner of different directions like a bagful of cats tied at the tail. Amidst the crunching thud and froth-mouthed vocals (think equal parts Mikes Patton and Anderson with some odd bouts of “Space Oddity” Bowie) there’s a sense of experimentation threading its stumbling way, from patches of wobbly electronica to moments where you seriously have to wonder whether this lot absorbed a trick or two from Zu the last time their carnival made its lolloping way through town. High points are plentiful, but the gradual build and seismic WHUDDD! of “Putiferio Goes To War” probably edges it, perfectly showcasing the band’s multiple personalities as it shifts and clunks toward oblivion.

Genre: Punk Price: 49,00 NIS / 10,00 EUR / 13,00 USD

Putrescence - Dawn Of The Necrofecalizer

This gruesome follow up to 2004's "Mangled, Hollowed Out and Vomit Filled" features thirteen appalling and completely blasting deathgrind selections, upping the speed and technicality and shortening the songs, this is guaranteed to turn the dance floor into a river of fecal matter, home stilled alcohol and plasma-soaked chunks of gore in record time! Devastating and nihilistic outbursts such as "Asphyxia from Involuntary Submersion in Human Waste" and "Total Liquefaction of Charred Facial Features" affirm acts of unspeakable violence and unconditional vehemence towards humanity. "Dawn of the Necrofecalizer" is the definitive soundtrack to a pneumatic drill burrowed through a decapitated head being flushed down a toilet and is a mandatory propagandist discourse to prepare you for the impending shitstorm!!!

Genre: Grindcore Price: 39,00 NIS / 9,00 EUR / 12,00 USD

Putrescence - Mangled, Hollowed Out & Vomit Filled

"Mangled, Hollowed Out & Vomit-Filled", the initial blood drenched full length defilement by Canadian gore grinders Putrescence, featuring the depraved vocalist of the grindcore greats, Swallowing Shit and Head Hits Concrete. 13 tracks of nihilism and outrageous contempt for decency including such classics as "Reach-Around Hacksaw Throat Slashing At A Nuclear Explosion", "Ebola Infected Plane Crash Victims Raining On a Church Picnic", as well as the timeless "Fecal Alcohol Syndrome". Churning out an abominable low end death rattle, Putrescence dish up filth-laden blasts of old school grindcore with a technical edge that serves as the final nail in humanity's coffin.

Genre: Grindcore Price: 39,00 NIS / 9,00 EUR / 12,00 USD

Pyrexia - Age Of The Wicked

Crushing Death Metal from New York.

Genre: Death Metal Price: 39,00 NIS / 9,00 EUR / 12,00 USD

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