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Last Catalogue Update: 25/05/2013 [ May ]


[ 15/12/2014 ]

- Two new releases out in January!

We are very proud to present two new weapons - The seconds albums of VOLITION and Abysmal Darkening. Official release date is January 1th and from today we accept pre-orders. Bring it on.

- (Trust032) Abysmal Darkening – Sub Terra

"Sub Terra" is the second album of Abysmal Darkening (this Dutch gang features members / ex members of bands like Sauron (R.I.P), Verbum Verus, Bunkur, Planet Aids, Funeral Goat / Ibex Angel Order….). It comes after 3 years of silence and shows Darkened DOOM at its best. Material is sicker (the Black Metal is way more dominant now), production is better and with another insane vocal performance from Herr AIDS (plus some great guest vocals from Jonathan Thery/Ataraxie & Funeralium and Mike B/ Viscera///), expect almost 50 minutes of the real deal.

- (Trust033) Volition – Wreck of Ruin

Seven years after delivering a deadly first full-length record, the band returns and provides a new massive slab of punishing DOOOM. "Wreck of Ruin" continues where the debut ends and brings six new tracks that are brutally heavy. Filthy, minimalistic, yet consistently pushing forward, this beast is back in business. An hour of Doom that will drag you down.

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